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Generate Guid

Flexible GUID-Generator. You can add Preamble and Suffix – use it like a Code Generator. Optional settings to get GUIDs for Windows or Linux, uppercase, with hyphens and semicolon.. Generate up to 10.000 GUIDs at once.

LeagueManager Plugin – How to create Non-Conference Games in a Championship

Often discussed on the web but never really solved. This is my solution to enable inter-group/non-conference/across-groups matches in the LeagueManager WordPress Plugin. You have to customize the plugin source a bit. Open the file wordpress/wp-content/plugins/leaguemanager/admin/match.php and disable following line of code: Upload and replace the file. Now you should be able to assign Home and […]

Facebook Social Plugin – Comments – width 100%

Manipulating the Facebook Comment Social Plugin to appear full width is a bit tricky. It requires to add code to your stylesheet

SQL Online Crash Course – Part 4 – Alter Table

SQL Online Crash Course – Part 3 – Select Statement, Filter, Summarize and Group Data